Summer Fly Fishing with Fanny

I'll be doing a lot of fly fishing this summer. Here is my schedule of trips - most of them are already full, but please contact me for help in organizing your own fly fishing trip, or to join the ones that aren't full yet.

Here is my fishing/travel schedule:

June 19 to June 24:  The Big Horn River in Fort Smith, Montana FULL
We will be staying at the Old Hookers Lodge and our hosts are Jim and Joyce Laughery of Eastslope Outfitters
We will be fishing the Big Horn River, a most prolific body of water.

August 11 to August 16:  Fernie in British Columbia FULL
Other weeks are also available
We will fishing mostly dry fly fishing with Beckie Clarke of Fernie Flyfishing Company in British Columbia.
We may be catching: giant bull trout, wild cutthroat, on the Elk River, world renown and the Wigwam River and staying at the Park Place Lodge.

August 21 to 28:  Jackson, Wyoming FULL
Other weeks are also available
Our contact is Jean Williams Bruun of Wyoming Angling Company
We will be staying at the Gros Ventre Lodge
We will fish the Gros Ventre River, The Snake, the Upper Green and the Salt.

September 5, 6 and 7:  Hot Creek Ranch, California FULL
Our contact is Kevin Peterson
We will be staying at the Hot Creek Ranch in Mammoth Lakes, CA on the Eastern side of Yosemite Park.

September 20 to 25: IWFF Rendezvous in Sisters, Oregon FULL
This is a IWFF (International Women Fly Fishers) gathering and women must be or become a member to participate.
More information to be found at


The Big Horn river in Fort Smith, Montana in June

Dear Friends:

I have just secured a reservation at  "The Old Hookers Guest House" for 4 days of fishing The Big Horn river in Fort Smith, Montana, Sunday, June 19th to Friday, June 24th.

Those of you who year after year go back to fish the Big Horn know what a prolific river that is. The fishing is fabulous and we are never disappointed.  This will be my fifth fishing trip there. Once I discovered it, I could not resist going back.

Those of you who have never been there yet are in for a wonderful treat.  Check it out at

The cost for this fishing outing is $2,050.00 which includes accommodations, meals and fishing with guides.  It does not include fishing licenses, gratuities and drinks. This is a dry area so we must bring our own wine or hard liquor.  A 50% deposit is required upon reservations.

I look forward to fishing with you.