Mel Krieger
1928 - 2008
Teacher, Author and Fisherman

  • Founder of the FFF Fly Casting Certification
  • Founder of the FFF Guide Certification
  • Founder of the FFF Casting Instructor Certification Program
  • Founder of the Two-Handed Casting Instructor designation
  • FFF Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor
  • FFF Certified Two-Handed Casting Instructor
  • Exec. Committee Member Casting Board of Governors
  • Contributing editor to the FFF "Loop" publication

Mel Krieger was a devoted fisherman since he fished for black bass as a young man in Louisiana and Texas. In 1964, with his wife Fanny and their two children, he moved to San Francisco where he took up flycasting with a vengeance; he become an avid tournament caster. His love for the sport and his competitive zeal paid off when he won a flycasting tournament in which the first-place prize was a trip to New Zealand. This was only his first trip to New Zealand, but his love at first sight for the land and the people inspired him and he created his popular Angler-to-Angler travel program, Club Pacific. From this inspiration he, along with Fanny, operated their popular agency for fishing travel to all parts of the world.

Mel taught flycasting and flyfishing for over 25 years. He taught in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada. His widely acclaimed book and videotapes, entitled "The Essence of Flycasting" and the new video "Beginnings: An introduction to Flyfishing," have been used as curriculum for casting schools all over the world. He wrote articles for books and magazines in many countries around the world.

Mel was involved in the creation of many innovative programs such as the "Flycasting Certification Program," endorsed by the Federation of Flyfishermen, which has been functioning both in the US and abroad.

In 1994, Mel was inducted into the Northern California Council / Federation of Flyfishers Hall of Fame for his contributions in the world of Flyfishing. Mel's love of teaching and fishing took him (and others) on angling adventures to the greatest fishing waters, here in the US and all over the world.

After a short undiagnosed illness, Mel passed away on October 7th 2008 of an incurable brain cancer at the age of 80. His impact on the fly fishing community was strong and he is sorely missed.