Welcome to KriegerFlyFishing.com, your source for all of Mel Krieger's fly fishing dvds, downloadable videos, and fly fishing books, including our best sellers "Essence of Flycasting", "Essence of Flycasting II and Essence of Spey Casting", "Beginnings,” "Flycasting Faults & Fixes," and "Tomorrow's Fly Fishers"  by Fanny Krieger. 

Here you can also get help planning your fly fishing trip to Montana, Idaho, California, Argentina, New Zealand or anywhere else where the fishing is great.

As Mel's wife and partner for over 50 years, I have been very involved in the fly fishing world. I was the administrator for the Mel Krieger School of Fly Fishing all over the world, part time casting instructor, organizer and travel agent for all the fly fishing trips we took with our clients/friends, on occasion cook and bottle washer and generally the social connection for all our fly fishing friends. 

I love to share my knowledge of fly fishing and the fly fishing community with people anytime, any place.  I founded one of the first club of women fly fishers in the US, the Golden West Women Fly Fishers (GWWF) in 1983. Then in 1996 I founded the International Women Fly Fishers (IWFF).  Women have become a big part of the fly fishing world. Now the focus in on children.  I produced a DVD in 2012 "Tomorrow's Fly Fishers" to introduce Fly Fishing to Young People.

Feel free to contact me for any help I can give you.  I love to hear from folks who love fly fishing.

Let's go fishing.