Additional Foreign Language Books also Available

All are priced at $50. Contact Fanny for information about these books.

  • 3 soft cover books "La Esencia del Lanzado a Mosca" in Spanish of Spain signed by Mel Krieger
  • 1 soft cover book original edition in Japanese of "The Essence of Flycasting"  - translated by Tomonori Higashi
  • 1 hard cover book translated in Danish "Fluekast" signed by Mel and Ove Nielsen (the translator)
  • 1 hard cover book translated in Swedish "Kunsten a kaste med flue" signed by Mel Krieger and Trond Fjeldseth (the translator)
  • 3 hard cover books translated in Norwegian "Konsten att kat med fluga" signed by Mel Krieger
  • Essence of Flycasting - German Edition