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An Introduction to Flyfishing for Young People
by Fanny Krieger and Friends

Fanny Krieger introduces Fly Fishing to her 4 grandchildren with the help of her friends, Rachel Andras, Lori-Ann Murphy and Tim Rajeff.
Together they unravel the mystery of Fly Fishing into a simple, easy to understand and fun adventure.

Available as a DVD for $29.95 or downloadable MP4 for $19.95.

Fanny Krieger is a FFF Fly Casting Certified instructor, inducted in Hall of Fame of the Northern California Council of the Federation. Co-Founder of the “Golden West Women Fly Fishers” in 1983 and Founder of the “International Women Fly Fishers” in 1995.

Rachel Andras is a FFF Certified Casting Instructor, has been guiding teaching and taught at the Mel Krieger Schools of Fly Fishing and the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festivals.

Tim Rajeff started fishing at five and began to compete at the local and state levels. In 1984, Tim won the World Single Hand Fly Distance gold medal with a cast of 205 feet in Austria. Owner of Rajeff Sports and the Echo Rod Co and is the US distributor of Airflo Fly Lines, Vossele Reels. The host of the L.L. Bean Guide to the Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel.

Lori-Ann Murphy co-founded “Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures” in 1992. Was the first woman to be an Orvis-fly fishing guide in 1988. Won “The Best of the West” ISE Casting Competition in 2003. Has been featured in: The N.Y. Times, CNN’s Impact, Outside Magazine, ESPN and Martha Stewart Living.

Preview the first few minutes of the DVD below:

...this a very good video for any parent to share with the aspiring young fly fishers in their household.

One last word, I sure wish I had a flyfishing grandmother like Fanny to take me flyfishing in Montana when I was growing up. So it goes……...Anne
— Anne Vitale, President, GWWF
Over the years we have been exposed to various fly fishing video’s. Once in awhile an exceptional DVD comes to the market. What I like especially about Fanny’s new kid’s video is that it is simple but captures the essence of how to teach our children about fly fishing. The DVD “Tomorrow’s Fly Fishers” is a must for any youngster that want to learn to fly fish.

It wouldn’t hurt if some adults watched it too.
— Philip Greenlee, FFF President / Chairman of the Board
It’s a great DVD and I’ve used it many times (the techniques) to teach fly fishing ... it seems to work better with kids, but it also works with adults.
— CJ (Carolyn)

by Mel Krieger

A comprehensive, in-depth
instructional Basics program.

This modern DVD manual has it all.

Every important facet of casting is dealt with, from the basics of good hand position to the complexities of fly presentation and the double haul. Fishing sequences for trout, bonefish and silver salmon in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida and Alaska add to the excitement.

An inspiring instructional demonstration by Mel, the international acknowledged master.

Available as a DVD for $29.95 or downloadable MP4 for $19.95.


• An Introduction to Spey Casting

• A complete fly fishing glossary.

• “Fly Fishing Moments”
A medley of music and visuals created by Michael Wanger, a 3 time Emmy Award nominee.

See a clip from The Essence of Flycasting

"Photography, editing, overall production ... and especially its vivacious teacher... make the Essence of Flycasting the best fly fishing video so far..."  

Fly Fisherman Magazine


by Mel Krieger

2 Videos on 1 DVD:
Advanced Flycasting &
Comprehensive Spey Casting Programs

Available as a DVD for $29.95 or two downloadable MP4s for $9.95 each.

An instructional video for intermediate and advanced flycasters, featuring distance casting, fly rod action, application of power, bio-mechanics, distance roll casting and an introduction to Spey casting.

This video is more than a definitive manual of Spey casting. It offers a totally unique overview of all fly casts-- each a valid fishing cast and each a stepping stone to modern Spey casting.

Guest appearances include:
World Champion flycaster: Steve Rajeff
Flyfishing experts: Jim Green, Mike Lawson & John Goddard

Preview the first few minutes of the DVD below:

"GOOD GOLLY, are we having fun or what? I can't tell you how good it is to watch a video that is educational, entertaining, funny, serious and oh, so very real. While others might reach for techno-speak to talk about casting mechanics, Mel uses perfectly descriptive terms for what I'm supposed to be doing."

Don Dunkel
Fly Rod & Reel Magazine

"The sequences and logic of the teachings in this Spey Casting video are pure genius."
LEIF STAVMO, Sweden Flycasting champion and master instructor

Preview the first few minutes of The Essence of Speycasting below:

"Mel is the best!"

"Nobody else in the game - and I mean nobody - has ever come close to Krieger's accomplishments as a casting teacher."
ERNEST SCHWIEBERT, Renown Author and flyfisher

"Mel's approach to casting is so fundamentally sound that what he teaches transcends any style, school or individual technique."
MIKE FONG, Publisher and Editor of The Inside Angler.

An Introduction to Flyfishing

by Mel Krieger

Beginnings is an informative, gentle introduction to the mechanics, the art, the poetry, the philosophy, the very essence of flyfishing.

Mel unravels the mysteries of flyfishing in the same direct, unaffected manner that distinguishes his flycasting instructional videos/DVDs, The Essence of Flycasting I & II.

Instruction without intimidation, this DVD is a must for beginners or anyone who has ever considered becoming a flyfisher.


• A complete fly fishing glossary.
• Mel’s Reminders.
• “Fly Fishing Moments”
A medley of music and visuals created by Michael Wanger, a 3 time Emmy Award nominee.

Preview the first few minutes of the DVD below:

"This may be the single most user-friendly, down-to-earth, no-nonsense video to come down the digital pike... it is organized without being orchestrated; segmentalized without being segmented; paced without pontificating; simple without being simplistic; above all, it is understandable and has a purpose ...the videography was excellent throughout and the underwater shots particularly effective..."
Don Dunkel
Fly Rod &amp Reel Magazine

with Mel Krieger

A Detailed Look At Fly Casting Problems and Their Solutions

This reference work of flycasting faults and their solutions is designed for instructors and fly fishers who take their casting seriously. Beginning with the mechanics of flycasting, Mel demonstrates and analyzes open and tailing loop shapes, good timing, roll casts, curve casts, power application, the double haul, Spey casts and many other common casts.

Inside the Disk Chapters:

  • Basic Mechanics
  • Good Timing
  • Creeping
  • Push vs. Pull Through
  • Last Cast Syndrome
  • Roll Cast
  • Curved Line Backcast
  • and much more!

Additional Foreign Language DVDs also Available

All are priced at $30. Contact Fanny for information about these DVDs.

  • One set of 3 boxes which includes 6 DVDs all about Fly Casting and Fly Fishing in Spanish. 
  • La Esencia del Spey Casting in Spanish. (3)
  • La Esencia del Flycasting II in Castellano (1)
  • Fly Casting Errores Y Correcciones in Spanish (2)
  • SpeyKasting In Norwegian (6)
  • One set of 2 boxes of DVDs "The Essence of Flycasting" in Norwegian